It's Time to Start Your stairs and floors project

We offer a virtually limitless range of services when it comes to your stairs.  We do remodeling or new construction of residential and commercial spaces.Any new solutions created within flooring industry are quickly matched at our design table to create a seamless transition from your floors to stairs.

Below are some of the various products and services we offer:

  • Wooden, steel, and glass components in traditional, contemporary, or modern styles
  • New, prefinished staircases, handrails, and baluster components
  • Specificity in finish through impeccable color matching
  • Unique finishes such as wire brushed, hand-scraped, distressed or fumed
  • Concept Development and Presentation

Green European Technologies and Multi-Stage

  • Heat treatment and fuming to enhance the natural beauty of the wood to create vibrancy of color
  • Penetrating oils and waxes as well as water-based stains to create a visually appealing silky finishing touch
  • Aluminum oxide technology for durability
Concept Development and Presentation

We take the time to explore the vision you have for your staircase. After our initial consultation to garnish what it is you are looking for, we get to work to create2D and/or 3D project visualizations using CAD, structural analyses, and obtain engineer seals where required for building permit approval and integrity. By following this articulate process you can see every angle of your project and how it will integrate into its surrounding area, and have assurance in its structural integrity. This attention to detail of the design process will ensure your staircase’s harmonious, timeless and flawless look.

Remodeling of Existing Staircases

Our revolutionary Capping System is based on the installation of ¾” solid hardwood treads directly on top of existing stairs. Benefits: • Fast installation time (usually within one day) • Low material cost, access to upper floors throughout the course of installation • Minimal effect on existing building structure and surrounding area

Green European Technologies and Multi-Stage Processes for stairs and floors.

25 years of finish stairs is making as pioneers of prefinish stairs and handrails manufacturing. 20 years data of recipe many brand colors and processing of finishing and surface textures made us leader in this field. Europerfect offers prefinish stairs and floors with yhe same finish and colour.

Wooden, steel, glass

Interior and exterior projects: staircases, balusters and terraces. Prefab by Europerfect and install by professional teams.


  1. How do I decide whether I need a brand new staircase or refacing?


In the situation of a newly built house we recommend building a new staircase. This is also a suggestion for house add-ons or when different shape of stairs is desired. In the case of damaged structure on an existing staircase, a new staircase would also be the best option.

  1. I don’t want a traditional set of stairs, but I can’t visualize how my overall look will be. What do I do?

Before beginning the project, details will be discussed with the client. We offer professional 3D sketches as part of a presentation for every type of stair and balustrade we offer. We have been in practice for 25 years and may provide professional opinions for a suitable design based on our knowledge.


  1. Will there be any additional costs beyond the estimate for the new staircase?


Yes, there might be. If you decide to replace the whole staircase, unexpected costs will most likely be added on. This entails new drywall and eventually stucco to be put under the stairs. Wallpaper or paint on walls will most likely be damaged upon the removal of the previous staircase.


  1. I don’t want a big construction, only the conversion from carpet to hardwood.


In this case, the decision to reface is the best route. This is the process of placing a new stair treads on an existing steps. It begins with checking the condition of the existing staircase. This should be done only by a company that knows the technology of building  new stairs. This company should also know how to repair it correctly, because refacing is not always possible. We have been in practice for the past 16 years and will provide a professional opinion, because an amateur one may lead to the collapsing of stairs. Safety and adherence to the building code come first before any further steps are taken.

Of course, the above is not an exhaustive list of all of our offerings.  Whether you are looking to upgrade damaged, unsightly, or squeaky stairs or wish to start fresh with a brand-new staircase, contacting us for more information is the next step.